Advertising with WPN

Gain higher exposure for your business with our advertising opportunities. Get in front of the audience you’ve always dreamt of without even trying. Take a peek at what we’re offering and see what works for your business.

Pinterest Ads

You’ll want to slide in our DMs about this one. Gain interest with WPN Pinterest Ads! You’ll get prime digital placement on our Pinterest account which, not to brag, gets 5 to 7 million impressions per year. It’s okay. We were shook too. Your pin will be on one of our feature boards. Seriously why are you still reading?

Gallery Ads

Get your business in front of our widest audience with our Gallery Ads. Create your own or be extra and let our design pros create one for you. These month-long ads come with no click fees or additional charges. Iconic.

Banner Ads

Finesse your way to the top. With WPN Banner Ads, you’ll do just that. With preferred placement for your storefront in the cities of your choosing and featured placement on the state pages, you can display photos or messages and link your audience directly to where you want them to go. What are you waiting for?

Text Ads

You won’t get left on read with these texts. Say what you need to say, and link people back to where you want them to go with WPN Text Ads. Let your voice be heard loud and clear and reach your audience with these highly trafficked ads.