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Let’s Get Reel: Instagram Reels

Step up your marketing game with Instagram Reels! Social media trends are constantly changing, and we’re here to keep up with them so you don’t have to! We wanted to show you all the basics so you can create fun, trendy, and informative marketing materials that will get people interested!

what are instagram reels?

Instagram Reels are 15-60 second videos that are shown on the Reels tab within your Instagram application. You can easily record, edit and upload all within the app, and there are an array of effects, audios, and other customization options! They’re short, exciting, and effective for you and your business.

why should i use them?

The simple answer is because video marketing is effective. It’s also booming in today’s social media platforms. These aren’t the only benefits of video marketing though, so if you’re not convinced yet, here’s more!

Emotion builds trust.
When viewers are watching your videos, they can see the emotion and passion behind it that they may not always see through a photo. This emotion builds trust between you and your audience that can be of great benefit to your business!

Videos increase engagement.
We’ve all scrolled through photos on our feed without really paying attention to what we’re looking at. That’s why videos that are simple and fun like Instagram Reels can really capture their attention! This attention and focus increases engagement with your business.

It’s free!
Making Instagram Reels is easy, AND it’s free! Who would pass up on that? A marketing tool like this could normally cost thousands. Take advantage of this costless tool to boost your business!

what should i include in my instagram reels?

Here are some go-to ideas when thinking about what you want to include in your Reels:

Behind the scenes.
Give your audience a backstage pass to your business! People love to see all the work that goes into creating the product or service you offer.

Your business in action.
Show your followers what it’s like to experience your product or service!

Tips and tricks.
When you share tips and tricks relevant to your business, it shows you know what you’re doing and why you’re good at what you do.

how do i create a reel?

Creating an Instagram Reel is simpler than it seems. We’ll break it down for you in steps:

Navigate to the Reels tab.

On the bottom navigation menu in your Instagram app, you’ll see what looks like a play button in the middle. That’s where you’ll find Instagram Reels! On this tab, you can scroll through the Reels that populate on your feed, like, comment, and share! This is where your Instagram Reels will post when you create them. Instagram then shares them to your followers, and others they feel fit into your target audience.

Click the camera to start creating.

The camera button is located in the top right corner of the screen when you’re looking at the Reels tab. This is where you’ll create your short videos!

Choose your audio and effects.

On the left hand side of the screen, you’ll see options to add music, filters, and other effects to your Reel. Play around with these options to find what works best for your video purposes.

Record or upload in segments.

You can record a segment of your video by holding down the record button on the bottom, middle area of your screen. If you’d like to upload a short clip or photo from your camera roll, you’ll want to choose the upload option in the bottom left corner with the plus sign.

Add the finishing touches.

When you’re done recording and uploading, you’ll click the right-facing arrow to go to the next step. Here you can edit your audio and effects, add stickers and text, draw on your video, and more!

Add a caption and cover.

When you’re happy with your Reel, you’ll click the “next” button to navigate to the next step. Here you can add a caption, tag people, choose a cover image from your video clip, and share!

Play around with it, and have fun! The opportunities are endless. Start recording behind the scenes of your business and make it exciting! Florists can show their process for creating flower arrangements, wedding planners can record progress updates on their wedding day setups, bakers can show their cake-making process, and more! These social media trends can sometimes be tricky, but all it takes is a little bit of practice. Before too long, Instagram Reels will be your new favorite form of social media sharing!

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